What our clients say about Dr. Kodukula

“As a 30 year IBM veteran, I’ve been exposed to a vast array of instructors both from inside and outside our company. I can honestly say that I cannot recall another learning experience that was as gratifying as this, and the sole reason for my satisfaction is Dr. Prasad Kodukula. I believe there are three teaching competencies which most instructors try to employ for effective learning: subject matter expertise, real world applications, and entertaining learning environment. Seldom does an instructor deliver all three at any level of excellence, yet Dr. Kodukula earned an ‘A’ from this student in every category. Great class!” – Program Manager, IBM

“Excellent course. Your enthusiasm and subject knowledge were superb. You made learning fun and participative.” – Manager, Technical Recruiting, Abbott Laboratories

“Thanks, Prasad. You have made a difference in my professional career. I’ll never forget that.” – Project Manager, SBC Ameritech

“Inspirational! Even enjoyed more than some vacations I’ve taken.” – Project Manager, Motorola

“You’re one of the best enthusiastic, proactive, fun-loving, creative teachers I have had in my entire life.” – Project Manager, Promon, Brazil

“A pleasure to have you as an instructor. One of the ‘best ever’ at Abbott.” – Project Manager, Abbott Laboratories

“KAI has the formula for success to excel any type of company, but especially here at the District, with your collective combination of related experience, education, knowledge, and outstanding interpersonal and listening skills.” – Senior Personnel Analyst, Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

“Great course! Very entertaining speaker. Used very appropriate, fun anecdotes to reinforce points. Dynamic speaker.” – Business Systems Analyst, Abbott Laboratories

“Prasad Kodukula is truly the best instructor I have had. A great communicator. You should let him train your other instructors.” – Senior Negotiator, Sprint.

“Gifted teacher. My undergraduate education was in education, and his skills are exceptional.” – Software Engineer, Sprint

“Very well organized. Excellent at knowing the audience and setting the pace of the class.” – Project Manager, Microsoft

“Prasad is one of the best instructors I have experienced in my 25 years of higher education.” – Project Manager, Sprint

“The best instructor I have had with Motorola University yet. His training skills are outstanding.” – Senior Technical Training Instructor, Motorola

“I have had really good teachers in my life, but Prasad is in the top 5.” – Director, Human Resources, Motorola

“With Prasad’s previous work experience, he is able to apply a “human” side to the course and enlighten us on common pitfalls. His energy and passion is contagious, displaying a spirit we should all adopt as project managers.” – Program Manager, Motorola

“The seminar was an excellent high level overview of project management fundamentals. It’s a great introduction for those needing initial exposure as well as those needing a quick refresher. As for me, I enjoyed it thoroughly.” – National Managing Partner, KPMG Peat Marwick

“The best instructor ever. He made the course interesting plus he made me feel energized and gave me the passion to go on.” – Manager, Canada Post, Canada

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“Prasad is amazing. He is very knowledgeable. I appreciate the fact that he memorized all of the students’ names!!” – President, Blueware, Michigan

“The leader, Prasad, had fantastic local knowledge and tailored his seminar to suit the audience. He was very literate on Australian history and current affairs. This, I believe, lent itself to the credibility of the seminar.” – Marketing Assistant, Beiersdorf, Australia

“A great, practical one-day seminar on project management – full of useful information that I’ll implement as of Monday. Prasad obviously did a great job in remembering participants’ names and doing his homework to customize this to local needs.” – Managing Technical Director, Datastorm Consulting, Australia

“Excellent presentation. Will have positive effect on future projects. Expect seminar to pay for itself many times in the next year alone.” – President, Coastal Refractory Services

“He is one of the rare with charisma and effective presentation skills I ever had.” -- Sales/Marketing Manager, ISK Bioscience, Belgium

“Clear and understandable. Good English for French people!” – Engineering Manager Carmeuse, Belgium

“Excellent. Clear and professional. Adapted to a non-English speaking audience.” – Marketing Manager, Avis, Belgium

“I admire your ability to articulate any discussion into entertaining talk with great insight.” – President, Cimcase International, Oklahoma

“I have been a manager for over 10 years, but the concepts and practices presented were outstanding. I expected it to be remedial, but I learned new and innovative ideas as well as boosted already used ideas. Bravo to Prasad!” – Military Personnel Officer, Pearl Harbor

“He recognized that everyone was at different levels of project management skills. He made what could have been a difficult subject to train light, fun and easy to comprehend.” – Business Improvement Manager, British Aerospace, England

“He was very interactive and managed to inspire a group people who were initially not very enthusiastic.” – Director, Techies.com

“Outstanding instruction techniques. Prasad truly cares about the participants’ comfort, comprehension, and satisfaction.” – Project Engineer, Corning

“Really enthusiastic and inspiring! Top of the top!! Motivated everybody all the time! Congratulations!” – Planning Engineer, Promon, Brazil

“Prasad makes this course an unforgettable experience.” – Project Manager, Promon, Brazil

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“This seminar far exceeded my expectations. I have nine years of PM experience and have never been to a seminar like this one.” – Sergeant, US Air Force, Hickory Air Force Base

“Excellent balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. Dynamic, clear speaker. Excellent memory for names.” – VP Operations, R&R Uniforms

“Thanks for the best class ever!” – Project Manager, DOD

“The most impressive instructor I have seen.” – Training Resource Specialist. Motorola

“Excellent. Too bad he doesn’t teach the rest of the courses. I would wait for his class to attend.” – Project Manager for Training, Motorola

“Made a relatively dry course very interesting by using innovative methods. Made the learning process real FUN.” – Regional Engineering Manager, Motorola

“Very articulate and genuine.” – Assistant Product Manager, Oppenheimer Funds

“Clearly presented, well understood and continuously enthusiastic.” – Accounting Manager, Shell Solar, Holland

“Great course! I really enjoyed the class. Very impressed with the quality and content of the simulation materials. Excellent learning experience! Excellent instructor. Very enthusiastic and motivational.” – Program Analyst, Convergys

“Phenomenal instructor. One of the best short-class instructors I’ve seen.” – Project Manager, Grainger

“He is the most incredible instructor that I have had for any IBM Project Management course. I believe I learned the most overall in this class than I did in all of the other combined. Do whatever it takes to keep him as an IBM partner.” – Project Manager, IBM

“The instructor was fantastic. I think I will always remember his closing speech for the rest of my life. He was INSPIRING!” – Project Manager, IBM

“Prasad Kodukula was by far the best instructor throughout my PM training.” – Project Manager, IBM

“Prasad was just great! This was one of the very best classes I have ever taken within IBM.” – Project Manager, IBM

“I really enjoyed your class. I have been raving about it to my co-workers ever since.” – Project Manager, NCR

“I don’t really think there is anything that could be improved.” – System Analyst, DFAS, DOD

“Prasad is probably the best-drilled instructor that I have ever had. He knew the material for a very broad topic exceptionally well.” – Analyst, Boeing

“Prasad is an excellent instructor & works hard to ensure that all students benefit and are motivated.” – Project Manager, United Health Group

“The best instructor and course ever. You, Prasad, are truly inspirational.” – Program Manager, DFAS, DOD

“Best instructor I ever had. Any time, any place, any subject – Please sign me up.” – Systems Analyst, DFAS. DOD

“Great instructor, very informative, lively, knowledgeable, and made the class fun. The 3-days flew by and ended before we were ready.” - Multimedia Technology Consultant, Abbott Labs

“I don’t see how they [course and instructor] could be improved upon.” – Computer Specialist, DFAS, DOD

“Has made an impact on my life & I will absolutely walk away with more than just knowledge (course)” – Program Manager, Sprint PCS

“Excellent job of keeping every one interested, alert, and wondering what would be next. One of the best instructors I have ever had.” – Project Coordinator, Abbott Labs

“Prasad was an outstanding instructor! The application of real world experience was invaluable.” – Project Manager, Ford

“I have to say I went through a 10 week Project Management course in my MBA program. I got more out of the three days in your class than I did in the entire 10 weeks through that program! You were phenomenal. I went back and told everybody how much I learned (my boss, his boss, etc.)” – Project Manager, Abbott Labs

“Prasad is one of the best instructors I have experienced in my 25 years of higher education.” – Project Manager, Sprint

“Greta Instructor… enthusiastic + energetic. Good examples.” – Project Manager, HP

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“… Moreover, since I know the personalities and beliefs of the members of his audience, I can state unequivocally that he won over converts who were skeptical and disinterested at the outset… The course was an eye-opener for many of the attendees.” Director, New Product & Technology Development, Invitrogen Group

“One of the BEST instructors I have ever had.” – Computing Process Specialist, Boeing

“Our PM course was a success, thanks in no small part to Prasad. He brought the course material alive for us and demonstrated superior knowledge of the subject matter. He is an excellent teacher/facilitator; his stories, games, ‘fantastic’ prizes, and jokes also added to the experience.” Director, Achieving Competitive Excellence, United Technologies

“Very engaging, knowledgeable and articulate. Mr. Kodukula has by far been the best instructor I have had in all the courses I have had.” - IT Project Manager, Alpharma, AS, Oslo, Norway

“Thanks for everything….I really very happy for opportunity to learn with you!!!!! You’re the best of the best!!!!! Grande Abraco” – Corporate Controller, Volkswagen, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Very well laid out and organized. Excellent at knowing the audience and setting the pace of the class.” – TAM, Microsoft

“This was the best and most valuable training class I have taken.” – Jr. BSA, Abbott Labs

“Great energy from the instructor; wit and humor kept me interested. Several people in my organization will greatly benefit from this course.” – SBC Long Distance

“Prasad had great enthusiasm throughout the course and offered many real life examples to demonstrate lessons.” – Project Management Specialist, CNA Insurance

“Very knowledgeable on subject matter and can teach from past learnings. He has a great passion for this subject. AND IT SHOWS.” – Project Manager, HP Services

“Dr. Prasad is an excellent and very dynamic instructor. He has facilitated the class extremely well in terms of participant’s interaction as well as drawing out learning points. He is also very inspirational & motivational. Excellent Job! Thank you!” – Professional Associate, IPS Associates, Singapore

“Extremely knowledgeable. This man is a genius. Very motivational! Good leadership skills.” – Billing Incident Coordinator, Convergys

“Captivating and the best corporate training instructor I’ve had.” Engineering Manager, General Dynamics

“Prasad is innovative, interesting, very smart, poised, fun, informative and definitely not boring.” – Systems Engineer, Verizon Communications

“He is the best of the best.” – Systems Technologist, Motorola

“Absolutely phenomenal instructor.” – Program Manager, Motorola

“Extremely good instructor. A few more classes with him and I might not go for an MBA.” – Lead System Engineer, Motorola

“Dr. Kodukula started his course “running” and never slowed down. He held the attention of his students through a variety of unique techniques, which he employed expertly. His enthusiasm is clearly apparent.” – Engineering Manager, Hamilton Standard, United Technologies

“Dr. Prasad Kodukula is an extremely knowledgeable man and a perfect instructor for this course. His teaching techniques are top notch! I will never forget the Principles of Practice that he shared nor will I forget the learning experience. He has made a lasting impression on me.” – QA Manager, National City Mortgage

“Excellent presenter and motivator.” – Program Director, HP Services

“Excellent. Bets ever!” – Program Manager, General Dynamics

“Dr. K is the best instructor I have had. Great job!” – System Analyst, DaimlerChrysler

“Very exemplary. Enjoyed his class and learned application of the PM principles we studied in the previous classes.” – Senior Systems Engineer/Project Manager, DaimlerChrysler

“Very dynamic and creative. Excellent motivator. Organized.” – Senior Business Analyst, DaimlerChrysler

“This was probably the most enjoyable & practical PM class I’ve had.” – Project Manager, Ford

“Fantastic class with a great instructor who was very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and kept the class interested and engaged.” – Project Manager, Ford

“A knowledgeable instructor, enthusiastic. Course was extremely well organized and timely subject matter. Worthwhile & V. useful” – Project Manager, Sun Microsystems

“Wonderful presentation. Definitely needs to be part of Sun. Needs to be taken by all current project managers & future managers. [Instructor:] Lots of enthusiasm, a lot of fun, very knowledgeable.” – Project Manager, Sun Microsystems

“It was awesome and I think he is one of the best teachers and mentors I have ever sat under. I have over 28 years of project management experience and the insight and techniques he brought to the course will help me greatly in my future career. Thank you for such a good experience.” – Program Manager, Nationwide Insurance

“In their post-course surveys, the class scored both the course and the instructor very highly. But I think the highest praise comes from the fact that almost every participant came to me after the course to express their hope that Dr. Kodukula would deliver all future [PM] classes.” – PMO Director, Sears Canada

“This is the best instructor I've encountered at Corning.” – Project Manager, Corning

”The best instructor for PM ever.” – Project Manager, Corning

”Very inspirational and motivational speaker.” – R&D Engineer, Corning

“We consider Mr. Kodukula the best teacher we have ever had in our PM courses.” – PMO Director, Promon, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Dr. Prasad, you are amazing! I really enjoyed your project management class. In fact, I just completed my MBA and I would rank your class at the top of the list! You make learning fun and interesting. Let me know when your next class is, so I can sign up.” – Sr. Real Estate Project Manager, Grainger

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