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We offer a wide range of topics and tailor our keynotes to suit your needs. Dr. Kodukula is a professional speaker and has spoken to audiences in more than 40 countries on subjects related to project management, leadership, and innovation.

Project Management Keynote Topics

Key Competencies of Effective Program Managers
A light-hearted, story-based narration of what it takes to be an effective program manager

Project Portfolio Management: The New Frontier
A high level summary of portfolio management principles, processes, tools and techniques, and best practices

Five Reasons Why Your Portfolio May be Under-Performing and What to Do About it
Key strategies to improve your portfolio performance

Invest or Not to Invest? How to Pick Winning Projects?
Project valuation methods and decision techniques for selecting the right projects for investment

Toss out the Triple Constraint and Plow into the Project Iceberg
An insightful discussion on why achieving triple constraint targets is only the tip of the iceberg and what lies beneath it that makes a project truly successful.

It’s the Strategy, Stupid!
A high level presentation on linking projects with organizational strategic goals

A Portfolio Scorecard for Aligning Projects with Organizational Strategy
A Project Portfolio Management Scorecard (PSC) that directly links business strategy to desired results – an ideal fit to measure, manage, and maximize the performance of a project portfolio

Leadership Strategies for Project, Program, Portfolio, and PMO Managers
Four different leadership styles for the four different managers

Everything You Wanted to Know About Earned Value Management but were Afraid to Ask
Need we say more?

K&A offers many other custom-tailored keynotes for your specific need. You just have to call us and let us know.

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